Richard Chai SS15

Richard Chai SS15 is a collection that brings umph to the fashion souls of New Yorkers! But, don’t be dismayed as you don’t have to be a New Yorker to wear these garments. If you like the Big Apple’s ease of fashion or perhaps the androgynous look or the fusion of formal and informal hems or layering within the Summer then Richard Chai will capture your attention!

This collection features the usual Summer colour tones but, enchanced to another level through it’s well thought out use of fabrics. So let me break down a list for you and if it you tick them off as a “yep, that’s me” then pay attention.
-layering light textures
-mixing various colour tones
-not afraid to mix the classical designs with the new androgynous modern designs
-love a bit of stripes and graphic printed designs styled together
-always looking to push fashion to that next level away from the commercial spotlight

If those were ticked off then you need to see what is to follow! Before I show you let me just do a quick overview on the 10 year running brand and what they have to offer.

Richard Chai SS15 Collection features pieces suitable for Spring, Summer and Autumn-how great is that in regards to moneys worth! This collection focuses more on the structured shapes and how the fabrics choosen still conveys a fluidity to how it elegantly moves. Watching this label grow since 2004, I am always excited to see it’s growth as the collections come and pass. Richard Chai SS15 still features it’s signature pieces like the jackets and maxi dresses.

The designs are so strong in both the womens and mens collection, for me I find this very rare in labels. But not one collection out dos the other gender. Women with a laid back yet powerful statuses (whether it be socially or within employment) would definitely suit this. As for the men I think it would be hard in the UK to find a man adopt the complete style however, men with a laid back and confident personality will want a piece or two. Especially those within Soho London but, it has to be a man who is fashion hungry and comfortable with his sexuality.

More on the clothes…

The collection’s inspiration: youth and tailored lines.

Trend spotlight:
The colourful tailored coats yet tailored with fluidity, scribble printed detailing, stripes both thin and thick blocks, off shoulder tied coats and sequined detailing.

Cobalt blue, maroon, ivory,  grey,  various tones of beige, blush pink, emerald green and black.




























Proenza Schouler SS15 NYFW

Proenza Schouler SS15 NYFW

Okay okay, so many labels are mixing the sport with tailoring or city wear but Proenza Schouler SS15 took it to another dimension. The talented designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough used the American sporty youthful uniform look as an inspiration for the collections foundations (tennis dresses etc) and then continued to mix conflicting ideas in a witches cauldron…the result is just what I’d like to achieve. These designs usually look good only on the drawing board and later becomes a disaster in the making the moment fabrics and seams start to fall in place. How the designers and Proenza Schouler as a brand pull this off is just genius!

The Proenza Schouler SS15 has so many features I just don’t know where to start if I’m honest! So lets break it down because this is a review I don’t want to write short :)

The first thing I noticed is the various colours and visual detailing of the collection. Mixing bold bright colours with the dark tones really makes that stand in the crowd and if it’s not the colours then they did it with the graphic detailing instead. Few examples would be:

-leather stiff stitched blouses (white as the base colour and the features made in black like the leather collar or chest pockets)

-the sea blue python print on a box tailored jacket paired with the neutral grey python print top (conflicting usually but somehow this balance has such a loud, confident, fashion forward feel right attitude to it)

-the beautifully tailored Prince of Wales checkered dress with neutral snake print features from the waistline to one side of the shoulder (P.s that’s the dress I want for my Summer birthday but, way out of my price range unfortunately)

-the duo toned tailored luxe pants and some even in leather (One leg’s colour different to the other, now that is brave!)

-blocked open toed heels with suede leather fringe detailing which covers the toes and python print as the base (can you feel that fusion? Who would have thought polished city can be mixed with sporty and youthful designs!)

As we move swiftly away from that, lets look at what there is to choose from. This collection won’t be the easiest to mix in the wardrobe however, if you have several basic classical pieces then you are in for a chance. This collection is very experimental with its colour and graphic detailing. I’d like to call this collection a “well tailored deconstruction of classic signature pieces, giving the freedom in experimenting designs with conflicting colour and graphic fusions”. You have the lazer cut parkas, checkered black and white structured leather blouses, lazer cut blouses with mixed fabrics, block coloured featuring pieces, handknit polos, leather t-shirts, Prince of Wales tailored jacket/coats with black block colour detailing on one arm, open weaved knitwear and duo coloured pants!

I could talk about this collection all day but I do have to stop, otherwise this will end up being an essay! But before I go I must say I wish it was Isabel Lucas, Tilda Swinton and Chloe Sevigny who were walking down that runway because they would look smoking hot!


Baja East SS15

Such a young label designed and co-founded by John Targon and Scott Studenberg, yet so jaw dropping! This collection is beautifully made and presented with precise intention of drawing your eyes to the very last detail, leaving you in awe and wanting to get those pieces immediately despite facing autumn.

Ideas from their previous designs have been used as their basic foundations to gain inspiration to evolve those loose luxe wear. A collection daring and fashion forward with the appeal to both men and women, yet possible to mix into your everyday wear. Don’t be fooled by the loose fits! These pieces are designed with specific tailoring and comfort in mind. If you are a fan of Baja East you will also notice their signature pieces evolved such as the Baja top and the hooded caftan.

But what else is appealing? In my personal opinion it’s the selective decisions in fabric use and the unique palettes. The pieces are made from various fabrics such as silk, cotton, light leather and cashmere. Producing a collection filled with the necessities for the spring and summer however, I will say that some of the mid tops will only be worn by those confident men! The collection has so much to offer to suit different types of fashion lovers with different types of personalities. There is something for everyone in this collection.

So what does the collection feature?

Cashmere-jacquard knits, sweatpants, towel skirts (perfect for a day at the beach and transitioning to an evening event), light sweaters, cut offs, swim wear, bra tops, bomber jackets, long light cape with soft tailoring, ink dyed tops, reconstructed Balinese ceremonial skirts, cloaks, long loose dresses, box tops and structured vests. All made various palettes and prints such as sandy desert colour tones, seaside topaz, ink dye, ethnic fabrics, ikat patterns and some grey tones. All styled with Nike trainers giving that urban edge to the designs. The women’s hair was worn in a lived in relaxed damp loose braid style, giving that oomph feeling to the collection.

It’s pretty simple if you are looking for a fashion forward, confident, personality speaking, comfortable luxe wear- Baja East has nailed it! Enjoy!

Hong Kong Fashion Week 2014

Hong Kong Fashion Week 2014 is just round the corner and how excited are we?! I love their creations and visions, totally out of the normal and can be very practical too. Hong Kong Fashion Week 2014 will be taking place on the 7th July till the 10th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

One designer that has taken my interest is Nina Griffee as it has been reported that she has created a new line featuring Vogmasks. I have never been to China but, I know back at home (Philippines) the country is full of wonders yet the air is thick with pollution. So I can imagine this too in China, meaning that this collection is both practical and very creative.

That’s just one sneaky feature to expect, stay tuned for more!

Xo PH oX

Do You Have A Mary Poppins Beach Bag?!

Mary Poppins Beach Bag

As a little girl I used to be amazed by how much my mom and aunts can stuff into their beach bags. I use to wonder how did it all fit in. Now I’m the one that feels like I have a Mary Poppins bag, my whole life just keeps coming out of that bag and it’s endless. So I wondered, is this naturally programmed into our female minds because the majority of women ive observed and/or know personally have one too. It’s worse than a picnic trip or a day trip to the city!

So what do you have in your beach bag this summer? Just the thought of a beach bag automatically my mind starts doing that infamous to pack list!

Tory Burch

The first item that pops into my mind is my sunglasses! Throughout the whole season of spring and summer, my sunglasses are joint to me like a limb I can’t help it.


 I will spend probably spend 10 minutes or more on deciding which to bring Police, Gucci or Raybans!

Once the hardest decision has been made the rest will flow, beginning with selecting a cover-up option for the beach that for me would be either a Sarong or a Kaftan. If you didn’t want to pack a cover-up why not bring a scarf and use it as a hair accessory until you need to use it as a Sarong. Next would be the beach towel, I would personally bring one made from Viscose as they dry so quickly and ensure you bring one big enough for two because there is always that one person who forgets theirs.

Katie Eary Beach Towel

Bug spray for me is a must as in the Philippines where my mother is from, it’s the land of mosquito’s. They love foreign blood, so I think anyway because they attack me like there no tomorrow! The SPF tools is a must one being for your body, another for your face and of course lip balm. Another essential would be my kindle and an issue of Vogue to read as I enjoy my serenity, accompanied with my music from either my Samsung S4 or my beloved old IPod.


My most preferred footwear for the beach are Havaianas, they are simple and very comfortable too. I find some flip-flops are too hard, too heavy or rub too much on my foot. So Havaianas has been my brand for flip-flops ever since my first because my feet feel like they are walking on clouds.

Snacks too are a must for me however, ensuring that it’s nuts or dried fruit. As before I tried to bring sweets and let’s just say it was a sticky mess! Lesson learned I believe. Whilst we are on the subject of food, I almost forgot to mention water. Now don’t you just hate it when you bring your H2O and damm it’s hot and taste NASTY! If you are a me then I would rather suffer than get up from my comfy spot that took me 20 minutes to settle into.

Klean Kanteen

This is a heaven sent invention and I tell you that if you should purchase this you will not be disappointed! Insulating hot drinks up to 6 hours or iced drinks up to 24hrs, now that is perfect keeping my water cool whilst we both lay in the sun. Ps you also have a lifetime warranty too upon purchase (what more do you want).

So on a quick list I have packed:

1. Sunglasses

2. Sarong/Kaftan

3. Beach Towel

4. Bug Spray

5. SPF Tool Kit

6. Kindle and Vogue Issue

7. MP3 or my Phone and of course Earphones

8. Flip Flops

9. Snacks

10. Klean Kanteen Bottle




Blow Up Ball


Enjoy your summer ladies and email me what you have in your bag!

Xo Ph oX

DKNY SS15 Mens Collection Review

DKNY SS15 Mens Collection still has it’s identity intact being heavily influenced by New York and my gosh do you feel it even so now! The models chosen represent those tough residents from the heart of New York with it’s urban entities intact and personalities coming through even more so with them wearing the new collection.

DKNY SS15 Mens Collection is dramatic in styling and conveys the striving New Yorkers you see in everyday life or television if you’re like me who lives in another country. The pieces are designed with practical shapes making it easy to use in your everyday life and are also great transitional pieces giving you the freedom to wear them in the daylight through to your evening events. The collection consists of oversized jackets, textiles from cotton to nylon, tailored smart trousers styled with baseball tops, metallic designed box shaped jackets, wide legged shorts in black, oversized everyday bags, baseball and New York in the 80′s inspired oversized tops styled with formal suiting. Another interesting comeback I believe is the printed long sleeve paired underneath a white t-shirt!

DKNY SS15 Mens Collection I feel were made for people like us who do not have an everyday luxurious event to go to but, would love those fashion forward pieces without sticking out like a sore thumb. Formal wear with options of dressing up or down sounds like a plan to me.

Christopher Kane SS15 Mens Collection Review

Christopher Kane SS15 Mens Collection is viewed as the masterpiece of all his collections. He took inspiration from his previous collections finding inspiration in methods to improve it and fuse sportswear with the precision of tailoring. Contrasting the natural with artificial and may I say it is absolutely flawless. Jeans have a new matte finish to them, graphics are to perfection without jeopardizing the structure, suiting and outerwear are textured with wool jacquard, summer silk tops, light luxurious cashmere knits, printed sweaters feature metallic detailing, outerwear have a reflective techno to it, leather jackets and bags, printed baseball caps with gold detailing to it, bag have a safety buckle from his first collection, bold outerwear’s with printed linings that match the tops and suiting are at a cropped length.

The collection is creative yet commercial too making it very easy to mix with your everyday wardrobe. A collection that is easy to invest in.


Andrea Pompilio SS15 Mens Collection Review

Andrea Pompilio SS15 Mens Collection is full of subtle contrasts in its father and son imagery by the inspiration of the differences in the rebellious rock and roll soul of a bourgeois father and son. Fusing some of the fathers fashion senses with the modern anew fashion available, such an interesting contrast and inspiration to use.

In this collection you will find asymmetrical shirts varying in lengths to give a pleated skirted effect then paired with a linen and cotton blended double-breasted suit jacket with loosely tailored trousers. Further styled with the cool rebellious oversized retro sunglasses and open toe footwear worn with ribbed toe showing socks, that really emphasis Andrea Pompilio’s vision. Various pieces also featured the exaggerated grommet detailed belts worn on jackets, more grommet features on the collars and jumpers, pastel coloured socks worn with ice white boots, short 3/4 length jumpers worn as an over layer, suiting with shorts in earthy colours and quirky finishing styling touches with briefcases and retro bags.

A vision well demonstrated and colour tones that really blend from earthy colour tones to navy, burgundy and indigo. If your daring and have a personality of quirkiness, retro and city smart then this is a must follow and buy brand for you. I also love the models hairstyles being very traditional and contrasted by facial accessories referring to the must die for oversized sunglasses!

Agi&Sam SS15 Mens Collection Review

Agi&Sam SS15 Mens ‘Sticks & Stones’ Collection is fierce and contrasting in its designs with the practical shapes assigned to them. The designers inspiration came from the difficulties faced by teenagers who are excepted to conform and uniform with it’s culture in regards to attire choices. However, the collection represents the teenagers rebelling and breaking free from such an expectation and allowing themselves to be free! The designers also looked at Japanese architectures, space and interiors to step it up that little bit more.

In the Agi&Sam SS15 Mens collection you will notice that they kept the tailored traditional wear structures but gave it that twist with minimal Japanese influenced designs and controlled colour palettes. On the other hand there are traditional Japanese pieces that have been given that modern umph into it for example, the traditional Kimono has been tailored and adapted the boxy silhouette instead. Bomber jackets has had it’s volume maximised, shirts with prints are oversized and boxy, printed jumpsuits, light textures, bold monochromes, colour palettes from navy to camel, 90′s hair styled models, retro circled sunglasses, oversized light weighed coats with a zip detailing on the left chest area, certain pieces have asymmetrical zip detailing as a focus, white-on-white flat pressed styling, open white sandals, pleated wide legged trousers and high socks from white to deep blue.

I can definitely feel the rebellion happening here but, in a relaxed I don’t care way rather then look at me I’m winning type.







Richard Nicoll SS15 Mens Collection Review

Richard Nicoll SS15 Mens Collection has the more lived in vibe and some interesting turn your world upside down designs! When describing the collection he said it to be “personalized basics” and “special normal” which I can definitely see as the pieces looks like they have been worn non-stop because the wearer loved it so much however, still with its designer appeal thanks to the luxurious fabrics used. If you were to think of a designer who can project their creativity through fabric but still become a stronger and growing business, Richard Nicoll should pop in your mind and if it doesn’t you just need to see his past work!

This collection’s silhouettes are minimal and modern, that also feature his signature pieces to keep the current clients happy but also introducing the inside out style designed in such a light casual way that it will attract newcomers! There are a few things that stand out in this collection where it will make you look twice to investigate, so let me list them:

1. The inside out look – Richard Nicoll SS15 Mens Collection features beautifully tailored straight-cut pants that seemed to be turned inside out with the brightly coloured patterns are to show instead, you can even see the seams intentionally outlined too.

2. Patchwork Cocktail – You will see on the runway certain outfits styled with clashing and contrasting patchwork in the mix of sometimes two or three and in different colours too but, usually with the logic of there being a bold, neutral and soft separates.

3. Futuristic Blam – I called it the futuristic blam because it strikes me as a futuristic movement that goes smack in your face and your mouth drops in awe. A lightweight fabric turned into garment with futuristic features in silver and foil like designs.

So let’s now discuss the various pieces that are in this amazing collection! You have the silver foil like lightweight bomber jackets styled with the zip starting from the collar to mid-chest then left open for the under-laying garments to show, tailored straight-cut lightweight crumpled trousers in a soft blue or checkered black and white, t-shirts with flat metallic breast pockets and boldly outlined collars (conveying the contrasting fabrics of real and synthetic), beautifully box shaped jackets with pocket flaps and collars in contrasting bright colour tones, printed tailored shorts styled with brighter coloured oversized knits, bold and printed bomber jackets styled with ice white shirts to stand out further, Bermuda shorts in one colour tone or with patchwork detailing, oversized and elongated anorak with metallic detailing, smart suiting with minimal bold colouring or prints and the use of Japanese tie-dye prints throughout the collection. These outfits were styled with Addidas Gazelles footwear and some even featured white bottled caps and safety pins embellished by Judy Blame.

This collection definitely makes me want to trade my gender for the day to just strut the streets with these beautiful pieces. One of my top five collections and a big well done sir!

Richard Nicoll SS15 Mens Collection